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At this day, We have 1274 pigeons.
Almost everything is going according to plan, only date of delivery system which we will control arrivals pigeons after fly- is changed on 20.05.2013, so we can’t start flight test until that day.

We are pleased to inform You that we are able to keep your pigeons in this difficult period of adaptation, in good health and nice condition. Weather in recent days is getting better, and what is very important- day after day we have much more sun. Pigeons spend much time on the aviaries, using sun and water bath. It's nice to see how they do it willingly.
Unfortunately, we also have losses. We were forced to remove three pigeons because of damaged wings.
And at this moment important piece of information for the participants in our competition: In case removal or disappearance of pigeons to 15/06/2013, the owner will be notified by us about that fact and have the opportunity to complement missing one in team. IMPORTANT! ! This option is allowed only to 15/06/2013.


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