15.05.2013 ended an official date for delivery of pigeons. Few breeders can’t delivered their pigeons ( random events) on time-we are understanding this situation and extended for some participants the due to arrive a few days, which was received with joy and gladness.

As of today, we have 2004 pigeons. We know , what You are most interested now- the health of pigeons and the date for the first flight test. We want to assure You that the herd is doing very well. During the month died or were removed 29 pigeons which, after difficult period of adaptation is the result, which worries us, of course, but also satisfied because it is 1.45% of the total accepted pigeons. Statistics from the common loft indicate that the average deaths of up to 20%. We still have four months. Keep your fingers crossed!


We get a lot of calls with questions about the first flight test. Well, don’t worry that we hold it so long. We have tested over the past two years a group of approximately 1,000 young how efficiently and without loss release to fly young, offset pigeons, which remained in the aviary even about two months.

We already know how to do this safely and proceed to the first flight test of 20.05.2013r

More flight information in the future.


Sylwester Chyliński


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