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According to the latest information at 20.05.2013 system for controlling arriving pigeons is installed. The tests of it were very successful.

Facts about the system:

- Antennas have eight , double-row fields (each pigeon in practice will go for at least two read-rings fields)

- Each antenna keeps reading the internal memory up to take it confirmed by a computer or power loss

- Each dovecote has installed power supplies, which in the case of failure of one, will automatically switch to the second

- In the situation of power failure emergency battery backup will keep working system for a few hours

- Upon registration of a pigeon antenna starts counting the time down to the millisecond (capacity of the counter allows for a delayed and accurate reading of the antenna to a maximum 59 days from reading the pigeon)

- Antennas are connected to the server using a special converter and fiber

- The server polls the ten antennas in parallel tasks, which means that every 1 to 2 seconds has the complete set of data from all antennas

- If all 2000 pigeons flew at the same time and everyone immediately went inside, all the results will be on the server after about 3 seconds

- There are two servers- the main and emergency

- Each server stores data on two disks at the same time


The first pigeons in the air and on the roof. I admit, not without emotion that we looked at today actions of pigeons, how first came out of the aviary and made ​​the first flight test. Our luck that everything went according to plan, our expectations and hopes. Fun flying, first attempts -often hard -landing. Pigeons stay close to the loft and it is most important to us.


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Antenna on the exit from the aviary


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