Pigeons in aviary present very well, but once they must have exit or fly out to see the surrounding dovecotes. In the end their purpose is to participate in flight, so return to his home with an increasing distance. It has to be gradual, but consistent.

We are now at the stage of teaching pigeons to come up for a walk near dovecotes and return to them at feeding time. More independent and courageous birds try to have longer flights over dovecotes. Not every day you can watch a thousand young pigeons who are learning to fly freely around the dovecotes. It is truly a beautiful view. Because pigeons are too much to teach all of them to fly around the loft, will now be released for flight test in groups of about 200 units.

     Next dovecote- the next 1,000 units, just start to leave the aviary and in front of them first flights. They have not all of June for this. When birds acquire art of flying over dovecotes from early July will be exported to train with increasingly longer distances.


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